So does what might have been the craziest weekend in college football change our minds? Of course it does. The luxury is that unlike those preseason forecasts, we get to forecast the craziest Saturday in half a century into our predictions. So after a wild Week 11, here’s where we see everyone finishing up.

SEC West

Alabama: 12-0

You could say Mississippi State drew up a blueprint to beat Bama, and maybe they did. But few can follow it, and while Auburn looks up for a game, how can you pick against the team that takes everybody’s best punch and keeps fighting?

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Arkansas: 4-8

Missouri would seem the easier of these two to beat, but neither makes much sense right now.

Auburn: 9-3

The Tigers earned major respect by blasting Georgia. They could play their way into the CFP if they take down Bama in two weeks and then beat Georgia again.

LSU: 9-3

A victory over Tennessee looks certain, and while A&M is capable of knocking off LSU, we’d pick the Tigers as it stands.


Mississippi State: 9-3

It could have been 10 wins. If State shows half the effort it did against Bama, neither of its two remaining games will be a test.

Ole Miss: 5-7

Can they defend enough to knock off A&M? State might hold the ball for 45 minutes in the Egg Bowl.

Texas A&M: 7-5

We see enough firepower to take down Ole Miss, but not LSU. Finishing 8-4 is certainly possible, but then, so is 6-6.

SEC East

Florida: 4-7

Florida State seems to be doing a better job of salvaging some semblance of pride in its horrid season, so we’ll stick Florida at four wins.

Georgia: 11-1

Kentucky and Georgia Tech will hope to catch an off-kilter Bulldogs squad, but neither should pose much danger ahead of the SEC title game that will ultimately decide UGA’s fate for the CFP.

Kentucky: 8-4

Georgia is a longshot, but an up-and-down Louisville team could be UK’s statement game for a second consecutive season.

Missouri: 6-6

We’ll take the Tigers to make it suspenseful by losing at Vandy, and then beating Arkansas to earn their bowl game. They’re entirely capable of finishing 7-5.

South Carolina: 8-4

Win over Wofford, loss to Clemson. It’s been a good year for the Gamecocks.

Tennessee: 4-8

When a team looks like this much of a dumpster fire, it’s hard to pick them to win a conference game. Any conference game. UT is almost guaranteed to have nothing left to play for against Vandy, while the Commodores might still have some motivation.

Vanderbilt: 6-6

Vanderbilt had ridiculously bad luck against Kentucky. Every pivotal play went against the ‘Dores. So maybe they even that against Mizzou, and then beat Butch Jones in his final game?