After more or less 2 months of college football, we’re way ahead of where we started. For one thing, we’re not predicting an 0-10 season for Arkansas any more (gulp). But hey, nobody’s perfect. Let us tee it up again, and predict how the teams of the SEC will finish the 2020 regular season.

Alabama: 9-0 (or 10-0?)

Might get a little more interesting if we’re asked to predict 13-0. But 9-0 (or 10-0 Bama can make up the LSU game) looks all but guaranteed right now.

Arkansas: 5-5

Not keeping up with Florida is no shame. The Razorbacks will lose to Bama, but we think they can beat LSU and Mizzou. And that Sam Pittman is the SEC Coach of the Year.

Auburn: 6-4

This one is all but set in stone. Alabama and A&M look like losses, Mississippi State and UT look like wins. Of course, being Auburn, there’s always the question of some otherwise unforeseeable event, but there’s a pretty big talent disparity with the potential wins and a pretty big execution disparity between Auburn and the potential losses.

Florida: 9-1

Absolutely nothing to change our minds here. Vandy, Kentucky, Tennessee and LSU won’t keep up with that offense. Bring on Florida/Bama.

Georgia: 8-2

We were looking forward to the Mizzou game because it gives Georgia a chance to prove that yes, their 2 (ugly) losses aside, the Dawgs are head and shoulders above the rest of the East. Mississippi State, South Carolina and Vandy don’t seem likely to bring about a competitive situation vs. the Bulldogs.

Kentucky: 4-6

Of the 3 remaining games, the projected home win against Carolina seems more up in the air than road trips to Bama and Florida. If Kentucky could get ahead of either team and have a good day running, they could make it interesting. But it’s a long shot.

LSU: 2-7 (or 2-8?)

Honestly, gave strong consideration to holding at 3-7, but we’re not there. Alabama, Florida and A&M shouldn’t be competitive games — assuming the SEC finds a way to schedule Florida and Alabama. Arkansas and Ole Miss don’t look like walks in the park either. Given that Ole Miss challenged Alabama, and Arkansas has been the most solid of the 2nd-tier teams in the league, we’ll pick against the Tigers for now.

Mississippi State: 2-8

We’ll stay set on this one. State doesn’t seem likely to pull an upset over Georgia, Ole Miss, Missouri or Auburn.

Missouri: 5-5

We’ll stay optimistic on the Tigers. Even if Georgia is a loss and Arkansas will be a fight, they should be able to beat Mississippi State, Vandy and South Carolina.

Ole Miss: 5-5

Why not? Ole Miss may not stop anybody, but we like the Rebels’ chances against Mississippi State and at LSU. Honestly, that passing game could give A&M some fits, too.

South Carolina: 2-8

Much like LSU, there just aren’t many winnable games remaining. At Kentucky or home against Mizzou would be plausible, but we’re just not seeing the kind of performances that makes that seem likely.

Tennessee: 3-7

The Vols will beat Vandy. Florida, Auburn, A&M? Well, the Tigers could be a possibility, but Tennessee hasn’t beaten anybody that makes it seem like winning that game is terribly likely.

Texas A&M: 9-1

Tennessee and LSU aren’t in the same class, Ole Miss won’t play any defense, and while Auburn could make everything crazy, it doesn’t feel like it’s the year for them to beat the Aggies.

Vanderbilt: 0-10

They’ve lost 17-12 and 38-35. The only thing consistent is the losing.