A week into college football season, and everything is clear. Or not. Bottom line is that while SEC fans know more than they did a week ago about their league and their team, we’re all still guessing. But we turn those guesses into a weekly prediction of where everybody ends up. Here’s how every SEC team will finish the regular season … after Week 1.


Alabama: 12-0

There wasn’t a thing about Alabama’s 55-0 win over Utah State that changed the long view of the Tide’s season. It’s not that Alabama couldn’t lose a game — it’s that there’s nothing on that schedule that jumps out as a more-likely-than-not loss.

Arkansas: 9-3

The win over Cincinnati was solid, and Raheim Sanders looked like another solid piece to slate beside KJ Jefferson in the battle that is the SEC West. There are still a couple of tough matchups ahead for the Hogs, but Week 1 was a spot where the season could have gotten much harder, and it didn’t.

Auburn: 6-6

Auburn’s win didn’t really show much. Sure, the Tigers could easily handle an FCS foe, but to learn anything meaningful about Auburn, we’ll probably be waiting for the Week 3 showdown with Penn State. The front half of the Tigers’ schedule isn’t bad, but the back half will be a huge challenge.

LSU: 6-6

Which LSU team are we buying? The one that underachieved for 56 minutes? Or the one that furiously drove for 2 huge touchdowns? The one that got the PAT blocked? Brian Kelly’s first game should have ended with a 2-point play. It would have been a line in the sand for a team that is still very much a quagmire of lousy chemistry. Instead, it’s 0-1 heading into Week 2.

Mississippi State: 8-4

The Bulldogs have to go to Kentucky and host Georgia, which puts them at a big disadvantage for the rest of the SEC season. Week 1 was solid, but the next 2 weeks are a pair of dangerous road games that could put some distance between the Bulldogs and the top teams in the West– and not in a good way. If State can start 3-0, their home game against Texas A&M could be huge for both teams.

Ole Miss: 9-3

The offense could have been more impressive, but it’s still a situation where a home game with Kentucky is the biggest obstacle between Ole Miss and a potential 8-0 start. Those last 4 games will be rough, but that Kentucky game looks huge for both teams right now.

Texas A&M: 10-2

The Aggies figure to be in a tough spot at Bama, and at the moment, they could drop another league game, but this looked like a 10-2 team in Week 1, a team that would be sitting pretty in a 12-team Playoff but would end up on the outside of a 4-team CFP.


Florida: 8-4

Could the return of the Gators be slightly over-exaggerated? Traveling cross-county to The Swamp put Utah in a bad spot, but all of a sudden, Florida could conceivably start 7-0. That optimism would call for taking down Kentucky and winning in Knoxville, but those didn’t look impossible after Saturday night. They still look optimistic, though.

Georgia: 12-0

Cross-division games against Auburn (at home) and Mississippi State (on the road) don’t look particularly scary. This Georgia team looked ready for a repeat visit to Atlanta. Will the toll of a target on the back be too much for Kirby Smart’s team? It could be, but Week 1 was a pretty compelling argument for “no.”

Kentucky: 8-4

The ground attack was not overwhelming, and with Chris Rodriguez likely out, they’re a solid underdog in Gainesville this weekend. Take down the Gators and you can start the 10-win talk again. Drop that game and the game in Knoxville becomes crucial for a UK team trying to remain in the top half of the East.

Missouri: 6-6

Mizzou was fine in thumping La. Tech, but things get real on Saturday at Kansas State. Getting Auburn as a cross-divisional opponent could be a big break, but both teams will likely be struggling to stay out of 6th place in their respective divisions. If Missouri can start 4-0, they could pick up 8 wins … but it’s a long way between here and there.

South Carolina: 7-5

A special teams rally to best Georgia State wasn’t super impressive. Playing at Arkansas and then hosting Georgia will likely bring the Gamecocks back to reality in a hurry. Honestly, 7 wins would be a good season for a Carolina team that drew a tough schedule, with Arkansas and A&M as their West opponents.

Tennessee: 9-3

Win at Pitt and those 2nd in the East plans could come to fruition. Getting LSU out of the West looks better this year than in most, and with the exception of Bama and Georgia, everybody else is in play. Kentucky and Florida have to come to Knoxville, and a big showing in Week 2 will boost Tennessee’s prestige significantly ahead of an SEC slate that looks a little less daunting than it did.

Vanderbilt: 3-9

This might be optimistic. Home against Wake and at Northern Illinois will both be legitimate games. As for the SEC, a conference win would be huge. Hard to predict any, though.