There weren’t any big surprises in Week 12, but how does it shift the outlook for your favorite team? Even though the end of the season is near, there’s still plenty of games left to forecast. Accordingly, here’s where we see the squads of the SEC ending the regular season.


Alabama: 11-1

Frankly, even without Tua, Auburn’s offense hasn’t shown enough punch to make us think they’ll beat the Tide.

Arkansas: 2-10

It’s basically a matter of just having 2 games left to finish this humiliating season.

Auburn: 8-4

Easy win next week, almost no shot at the upset the following week, and thus ends one of the most frustrating 8-4 seasons in memory.

LSU: 12-0

Smooth sailing the rest of the way for the Tigers.

Mississippi State: 5-7

Does State have any real offense? Granted, they play some defense, but take another look at the tape from the Auburn game. The Rebels will run and run and run some more, and probably steal the Egg Bowl.

Ole Miss: 5-7

The John Rhys Plumlee offense can give almost anybody fits, and the Rebels are showing no real signs of quitting on Matt Luke.

Texas A&M: 7-5

While the Aggies have had a nice season and on a given Saturday are certainly capable of taking down Georgia and (to a lesser extent) LSU, it’d take an adventurous prognosticator to call for either one. We’re not that adventurous.


Florida: 10-2

Florida State isn’t going to beat the Gators. Ten wins for a Franks-less Gator squad is certainly an impressive statement.

Georgia: 11-1

A&M might hang with the Bulldogs for a while, but they won’t pull off the upset. As for Georgia Tech, forget about it. They’d lose to some FCS schools this year.

Kentucky: 7-5

Kentucky has lost to Louisville a couple of times with bowl eligibility on the line. Assuming they take care of UT-Martin, they should be in a much better place coming into the game with the bowl spot assured.

Missouri: 6-6

The Tigers can’t find a way to lose to Arkansas, but they certainly could lose to UT. In fact, we’re calling for exactly that.

South Carolina: 4-8

If you can’t move the ball and score points on Texas A&M, well, Clemson won’t be much fun. Losing a couple of nonconference games doomed the Gamecocks’ season.

Tennessee: 7-5

Given the way Missouri and Vandy are looking, we’ll jump on the Vols’ bandwagon and say the transition from 2-5 to 7-5 will be complete. If we weren’t expecting 5 consecutive wins from 2-5, well, who else was?

Vanderbilt: 3-9

A loss to East Tennessee State is entirely possible. Exactly how rudderless Vandy ended up is perplexing. How a team with a handful of legitimate offensive weapons plays this badly on that side of the ball will be a takeaway mystery of the 2019 season.