September football is now in the rear-view mirror, but that’s no reason we can’t predict what’s coming in October and November. After college football’s Week 5, here’s where we see SEC teams ofinishing up the regular season:

SEC West

Alabama: 12-0

At this point, until Alabama loses, there’s no point in predicting Alabama to lose. Enough said.

Arkansas: 3-9

This is actually better than where we had Arkansas. Keeping some fighting spirit counts for something.

Auburn: 8-4

We keep believing that Auburn has another gear. But we’re five weeks in and we haven’t seen that gear, so that doesn’t bode well.

LSU: 10-2

As the rest of the SEC West (barring Alabama) has fallen by the wayside, LSU has kept the winning mojo going. It’s getting harder and harder to find a team with the moxie to knock off the Tigers.

Mississippi: 6-6

Another opportunity to provide themselves as more than an offensive sideshow went by the wayside for Ole Miss. Victories will elusive for the defensively challenged Rebels.

Mississippi State: 7-5

The Kentucky loss aside, scoring just six points at home against Florida is probably the point when the “Mississippi State as the SEC sleeper” train lost its passengers.

Texas A&M: 7-5

Texas A&M took something of a step back this week. For a team that stands to lose a few games just by being over their heads, playing this poorly in a game in which they were a heavy favorite is almost unforgiveable. Somebody has to get left behind in the SEC West, and it’s look like it might be A&M.

SEC East

Florida: 8-4

This was an impressive first-year win for Dan Mullen as the head of the Gators, going back to Mississippi State and stealing a win from his old school. Among other things, this helps legitimize an SEC East that hadn’t been terribly competitive with the West in years past. That’s not saying anybody is ready for Alabama, but nobody else is striking fear into SEC East teams these days.

Georgia: 11-1

LSU? Kentucky? If Georgia keeps half-playing games, somebody is going to capitalize and make them pay. Maybe.

Kentucky: 10-2

Texas A&M looked quite beatable. Georgia is still really, really talented, but the Bulldogs have to come to Lexington. All of this could evaporate like a pull of smoke, but until it does, the prediction stays where it lays.

Missouri: 8-4

Check back with us after this week’s Missouri-South Carolina game. Realistically, somebody’s going to get projected for nine wins and somebody is going to get projected for seven. But until we’re sure who is better, we’ll play it down the middle.

South Carolina: 7-5

It’s hard to project South Carolina’s record to be any better than this until it beats a good team. Granted, they could jump back up by offing Mizzou in Columbia next week, which is entirely plausible. Or they could muddle through that game like they did this week, and we might slot them at 6-6.

Tennessee: 5-7

Playing Georgia tough was the kind of effort an outmanned Tennessee team needs to give. They’ve got a shot to sneak into six wins if they’ll play this hard every week.

Vanderbilt: 4-8

When a mediocre FCS team gives you a struggle at home — and leads you at halftime — it’s hard to be too bullish on the outlook. Can Derek Mason survive a 4-8 season?