Good years for South Carolina and UT? Maybe so. Bad ones for Mississippi State and Vandy? Looking that way. After 7 weeks of football, here’s where we see your favorite team ending the regular season.


Alabama: 12-0

That defense is a little disconcerting, but until LSU arrives at Bryant-Denny on Nov. 9 and changes our mind, we’re staying at 12-0.

Arkansas: 4-8

Given the events of recent weeks, Mississippi State at home on Nov. 2 could still be a win for Arkansas. But after that and WKU, the picking gets slim.

Auburn: 9-3

Given the struggles of some of the teams on the back end of Auburn’s schedule, we’ve upgraded the outlook from last week because there’s good reason to see another victory out there for the Tigers. This was a coin flip between 8-4 and 9-3, but we were feeling a little bullish on Auburn.

LSU: 11-1

At this point, the back end of LSU’s schedule doesn’t look quite as fearsome as it did before the season. Auburn has to come to Baton Rouge, as does an A&M team that will struggle against LSU’s passing game. We’ll hold at 11-1.

Mississippi State: 6-6

Honestly, this is still a trifle optimistic. LSU and Alabama — even in Starkville — both look like losses, and if the Bulldogs can’t beat Arkansas and Ole Miss, a 6-win season goes by the wayside. Definitely closer to 5-7 than 7-5 right now.

Ole Miss: 5-7

Six wins requires a sweep of A&M at home, New Mexico State (there’s an easy win) and at Mississippi State in the Egg Bowl. (We’re assuming at Auburn and home vs. LSU are losses.) For the moment, that 3-game stretch looks more like 2-1 to us.

Texas A&M: 7-5

Home games against Mississippi State and South Carolina are potentially winnable, and if they can also win in Oxford, that would get the Aggies to 7 victories.


Florida: 10-2

Even if they beat Georgia (which they well could), at Carolina and Missouri don’t look like gimmes. We figure they’ll trip up in 1 of those 3.

Georgia: 10-2

Games against Florida and at Auburn look challenging. Assuming this Carolina loss was an aberration, we’ll only expect 1 more loss. But 2 more is definitely possible.

Kentucky: 6-6

Wins against UT-Martin and at Vandy would leave the Wildcats needing to beat Mizzou, UT, or Louisville to nab a bowl. With all 3 of those being home games, we’ll project them to pick up 1 of those.

Missouri: 9-3

We can’t pick the Tigers to beat Georgia and Florida, but on a given day, they might do it. We do like them in their other remaining games (at Vandy, at Kentucky, home vs UT, and in Little Rock vs. Arkansas).

South Carolina: 6-6

Vandy and Appalachian State at home look solid as wins, and if the Gamecocks can nab a victory in Knoxville or College Station, they can go bowling. The first looks more likely than the second.

Tennessee: 5-7

UAB and Vandy in Knoxville should be wins, and home vs.Carolina and at Kentucky and Mizzou present some opportunities. As it stands, we figure the Vols get 1 of those games and end up with 5 wins.

Vanderbilt: 2-10

Teams that lose to UNLV at home by 24 don’t win in the SEC. The Commodores do play FCS East Tennessee State on Nov. 23.