SEC Week 9 continued the move to clarify life in the SEC.

Up for Ole Miss, down for Kentucky, for instance. The triumvirate of Georgia, Tennessee and Alabama reign supreme. And after Week 9, how do we see the rest of the SEC regular season shaping up? Here is our latest prediction of every SEC team’s final record.


Alabama: 11-1

The Tide have to go to LSU and Ole Miss, and while either is capable of pulling the upset, after a beatdown of Mississippi State and a week off, we’re leaning toward the Tide finishing 11-1.

Arkansas: 7-5

That trip to CoMo to end the regular season could be challenging. Still, a win over Liberty and that win over Missouri would get the Razorbacks to 7-5. Home games against Ole Miss and LSU both look tough, and for the moment, we’ll give the visitors a slight edge in each.

Auburn: 4-8

The Tigers’ best shot at a 5th win is probably their home game with Texas A&M. How odd does that sound?

LSU: 9-3

We’ve got the Tigers losing to Bama but then winning out. Road games at Arkansas and A&M could both be challenging, but at least for the moment, we’ll give the edge to the Tigers.

Mississippi State: 7-5

Two should-be easy wins (East Tennessee and Auburn) and 2 likely losses (Ole Miss, UGA). Still, ask Texas A&M, and they can confirm that there are worse things than going 7-5.

Ole Miss: 10-2

Hard to see Arkansas or Mississippi State beating the Rebels, which means we’ve got the fighting Lane Kiffins right here. Of course, they could beat Alabama in Oxford and send the West into total chaos. But for now, we’re feeling pretty froggy calling for 10 wins.

Texas A&M: 5-7

Unbelievable. UMass is a win and LSU looks like a loss. That leaves Florida at home and at Auburn, with a sweep necessary to reach 6 wins. At the moment, that looks more like a split from here.


Florida: 7-5

The Gators fought valiantly against Georgia, and with Vandy and a trio of winnable games left (at A&M, home vs. Carolina, and at Florida State), we’ll project the Gators to win 2 of those 3 and nab a 7th victory. A tip of the hat to Billy Napier for keeping UF competitive, even when the talent advantage has been against them.

Georgia: 12-0

If the UT game was in Knoxville, we’d go 11-1. The last question for UT is whether they can go on the road and play their game. If they do, the Bulldogs might well see a loss. Neither of the road games at Mississippi State or Kentucky present meaningful challenges, so it’s UT or bust for the Dawgs.

Kentucky: 7-5

Kentucky’s ugly loss at Tennessee only enhances the chance that Mizzou or Louisville can upset the Wildcats. Kentucky is all but guaranteed the 6th win by facing Vandy, but at the moment, UK’s lack of consistency makes us drop them to 7-5.

Missouri: 5-7

Home games with Kentucky and Arkansas will tell the tale. Given the win over South Carolina, it’s tempting to project the Tigers to win 1 of those games. But it’s far from clear that Missouri has enough offense to pull off either, so we’ll stick at 5-7 for now.

South Carolina: 6-6

Much of the good done by winning against Kentucky was lost by losing to Mizzou. Vandy will get the Gamecocks a 6th win and secure bowl eligibility, but at the moment, winning at Florida looks a little unlikely. Forget Tennessee or Clemson in the season’s last 2 games, so 6-6 it is.

Tennessee: 11-1

Georgia or bust for the Vols. As noted, this pick is based on where the game is played. MIssouri, South Carolina and Vanderbilt together couldn’t give UT a game, so the only question is 11-1 or 12-0 … and what exactly that will mean for the Playoff.

Vanderbilt: 3-9

Some things change, some things don’t. This one doesn’t.