SEC Week 9 moves us closer to the Playoff or to the end of the road for some of the SEC. As we look at the remaining schedules, here’s how we see every SEC finishing the regular season:

Alabama: 10-0 (assuming LSU is rescheduled)

Could Auburn make this interesting next Saturday? Of course it could. But nobody has beaten Alabama in back-to-back years since Ole Miss in 2014 and 2015. it’s going to take an ugly game from the Tide and a big-time A game from Auburn.

Arkansas: 3-7

The Razorbacks took a tough loss to LSU and seem like they could take a pair of losses to Mizzou and Bama to finish things off. That does nothing to change the fact that it’s a solid run for Sam Pittman’s first Razorback team.

Auburn: 6-4

The Tigers should take care of Mississippi State but will certainly have their hands full beating Bama or A&M. It would probably salvage the season if they could knock off either, but it’s tending toward unlikely for the Tigers, especially if Tank Bigsby’s injury is serious.

Florida: 9-1 (assuming LSU game is rescheduled)

Florida wasn’t exceptionally sharp, and that defense gives us pause. Maybe LSU can take advantage though because Kentucky and Tennessee’s offenses don’t seem likely to fill that role.

Georgia: 8-2

As disappointing as the Mississippi State game was on several fronts — and as impressive as JT Daniels was — nothing changes for Georgia. South Carolina, Vandy and Mizzou could likely combine forces and still not put together a team that would beat the Bulldogs.

Kentucky: 4-6

Kentucky is more likely to struggle with Carolina than to knock off Florida, but as things stand, we’ll still call for the Cats to hold serve against the Gamecocks.

LSU: 3-7 (assuming UF, Bama are played)

The good news is that LSU looked pretty good in its win over Arkansas. But can the defense keep up with Ole Miss? There’s not much likelihood of the offense putting up enough points to beat Bama, Florida, or A&M. So for the moment, we’ll stay at 3 wins for the Tigers.

Mississippi State: 2-8

Ole Miss, Mizzou and Auburn are all teams that the Bulldogs have a shot to beat. But even with an impressive effort against Georgia, we can’t call for any of those things to happen.

Missouri: 6-4

Vandy and Mississippi State should be pretty beatable and if the Tigers can knock off Arkansas this week, they could manage a winning season. Eli Drinkwitz for SEC Coach of the Year.

Ole Miss: 5-5

The Rebels should be good to go in the Egg Bowl and against LSU. Finishing 4-6 wouldn’t be shocking, but neither would 6-4.

South Carolina: 2-8

Will Muschamp is done, a losing season is assured, and while Kentucky is beatable, a 2-7 Carolina team on the road is unlikely to reverse the course of the season.

Tennessee: 3-7

The Vols should beat Vandy (even though Vandy has won 3 of the past 4). Florida and A&M seem like long shots at best. UT’s brutal schedule hasn’t helped out a bit.

Texas A&M: 9-1

LSU, Auburn, Tennessee and Ole Miss remain, and while there’s the potential for a stumble here, if A&M can actually get these games in, they’re a solid pick at 9-1.

Vanderbilt: 0-10

UT or Mizzou could be possibilities, but we’re not seeing it, even though Ken Seals gives the Dores hope in 2021 and beyond.