It’s never too late to get things right. That’s the premise we operate under as we try and try again to get down our predictions for the remainder of the SEC season. Here’s our best guess as to where your favorite team ends the SEC regular season:

SEC West

Alabama: 12-0

Again, we saw absolutely nothing to change our minds on Saturday about Alabama running the table undefeated. Short of an LSU player scoring a touchdown while shooting fire from his hands, we probably couldn’t see anything that would.

Arkansas: 3-9

Vanderbilt has to come to Arkansas next week. Otherwise, the prognosis for wins for the Razorbacks is not so good.

Auburn: 6-6

It was a solid win over Ole Miss for Auburn, but unless Texas A&M — Auburn’s opponent on Nov. 3 after the Tigers’ bye week — lays an egg next week against Mississippi State on Saturday, we’re holding on this prediction.

LSU: 10-2

If LSU can find some more offense, this could get even more interesting with No. 1 Alabama looming in two weeks after the bye week.

Mississippi: 6-6

We’ll keep the possibilities alive of a win at home against South Carolina or at Vanderbilt to get to that sixth win. This week’s loss to Auburn did nothing to make those wins look more likely.

Mississippi State: 7-5

That talk of Mississippi State winning the SEC West went through its final death pains Saturday night on the Bayou. The defense is what it was supposed to be. The offense isn’t, and Texas A&M and Alabama should be able to handle them.

Texas A&M: 9-3

For the moment, we think the Texas A&M loses to LSU, but we project the Aggies to beat Mississippi State. It’s very possible that would mean A&M’s three losses would come against teams that likely will be ranked 1-2-3 this week in the AP poll.

SEC East

Florida: 10-2

That Missouri game on Nov. 3 looks a little harder, but after the next two weeks against Georgia and the Tigers, the Gators won’t need to break a sweat.

Georgia: 11-1

There are challenges left for Georgia, but if the Bulldogs take care of Florida, the rest is much easier. Auburn is no threat, and Kentucky has to impress against Missouri before we even think about this one.

Kentucky: 9-3

Missouri looked really, really good. We thought more than once about lowering Kentucky’s prediction to 8-4 here.

Missouri: 8-4

If the Tigers can bring the kind of execution against Kentucky and Florida that they did against Memphis, they’ll win one or the other of those games. If not, they’ll go 7-5.

South Carolina: 7-5

Six wins look secure for South Carolina, and whichever replacement game they add, you’d figure it to be a gimme. The Gamecocks don’t look likely to challenge Florida or Clemson, though.

Tennessee: 5-7

This week was a shot of reality for Tennessee. The Vols will fight hard, but they face a sizeable talent deficit in pretty much every game they play that isn’t against Charlotte … or Vandy.

Vandy: 3-9

At this point, the Commodores look more likely to end up 3-9 than 5-7. Arkansas is an opportunity, but the Razorbacks just had a good game under their belts and play Vandy at home.