November in the SEC got off to a flying start. With a pair of overtime games, the showdown of the unbeaten titans, and a couple of just plain weird moments, it was quite a week. Let’s recalibrate our SEC expectations and predict every team’s final record after Week 10.


Alabama: 10-2

There was a genuine temptation to move to 9-3. Ole Miss will not be easy, and this is a Bama squad that could easily be 5-4 now. Still, the eternal temptation to call Alabama dead after any trouble has made many a fool. We’ll err on the side of caution on that front.

Arkansas: 6-6

Arkansas’ bowl hopes are now hanging on a win at Missouri to finish the year. We didn’t see a loss to Liberty coming, but it’s hard to figure that the Hogs are up for either LSU or Ole Miss now.

Auburn: 4-8

Who had A&M and Auburn as a battle of a pair of 3-6 teams? Credit to interim coach Cadillac Williams for keeping Auburn emotionally involved at Mississippi State. It’ll be a different matter against A&M and certainly against Bama.

LSU: 10-2

Trips to Arkansas and A&M aren’t looking so imposing now, and the home game with UAB shouldn’t be an issue. SEC West champion LSU? Didn’t see that one coming.

Mississippi State: 7-5

State hung on for dear life after holding a 24-3 edge against Auburn. The Bulldogs will easily beat East Tennessee, but they don’t seem likely to knock off Georgia or Ole Miss, which leaves the tally hanging at 7-5.

Ole Miss: 10-2

Impossible to see the Rebels beat the Tide? Not at all, but we’ll go with Alabama in that one. Arkansas and Mississippi State don’t present anything to fear, so a 10-win regular season remains on tap for the Rebels, who would love to make it 11 and get that CFP talk really geared up.

Texas A&M: 5-7

The Aggies are probably a slight road favorite at Auburn and should handle UMass. Which would leave their bowl possibilities pending on a home game against LSU. That said, this doesn’t look like a team that could beat LSU. And might not beat Auburn.


Florida: 8-4

Move the Gators up after they handled A&M. South Carolina will be a good game, but it’s in Gainesville. Add in a win over Vandy and Florida goes to Florida State looking for an 8th win that they’ll probably nab. Billy Napier did a good job of keeping UF moving forward, and it should pay dividends late.

Georgia: 12-0

Any questions?

Kentucky: 8-4

Georgia is certainly looking like a loss, but Vandy looks like a win. Which leaves the Cats needing to beat Louisville for an 8th victory. Given UK’s recent history in that rivalry, we’ll lean toward expecting that.

Missouri: 5-7

Tennessee will be a loss and New Mexico State will be a win. That leaves a home game with Arkansas to settle the season. Both teams will probably come in at 5-6, and we’d give a slight edge to the Razorbacks at this point.

South Carolina: 6-6

The Gamecocks grabbed that 6th win, but that might be all there is to take. At Florida looks challenging, and then Tennessee and Clemson are both likely losses — though this will be the fairest fight against the Tigers in a long, long time. It’s still a good season at 6-6.

Tennessee: 11-1

The best news for the Vols was the struggle bus day for Clemson and Bama. The Vols won’t lose again. Mizzou, Carolina and Vandy don’t represent legitimate challenges. Will 11-1 without a trip to Atlanta be enough for the Vols in the CFP? Very possibly so … but we’ll see.

Vanderbilt: 3-9

Kentucky on the road and Florida at home both bring possibility, but until Vandy wins an SEC game, we can’t pick them to win one.