The AP top 25 won’t come out until Tuesday this week, but it’s tradition here at Saturday Down South to take a crack at projecting the next ranking late on Saturday nights.

Alabama solidified its top ranking status with an utter dismantling of USC. Oklahoma and LSU, both top 5 teams, went down on Saturday, so a shake up is expected.

The main questions are: How far will Tennessee fall despite winning? Where do Oklahoma and LSU (top 5 teams that lost) land? Does Florida hang on to a top 25 ranking with a pedestrian outing against UMass?

At this time, we’re projecting six SEC teams in the AP top 25.

  1. Alabama def. USC, 52-6.
  2. Clemson leading Auburn, 19-13.
  3. Florida State plays Ole Miss on Monday.
  4. Ohio State def. Bowling Green, 77-10.
  5. Michigan def. Hawaii, 63-3.
  6. Houston def. Oklahoma, 33-23.
  7. Stanford def. Kansas State, 26-13.
  8. Michigan State def. Furman, 28-13.
  9. Washington def. Rutgers, 48-13.
  10. Notre Dame plays Texas on Sunday.
  11. Ole Miss plays FSU on Monday.
  12. Georgia def. North Carolina, 33-24.
  13. Louisville def. Charlotte, 70-14.
  14. Oklahoma lost to Houston, 33-23.
  15. Tennessee def. App State, 20-13.
  16. TCU def. South Dakota State, 59-41.
  17. LSU lost to Wisconsin 16-14.
  18. Oklahoma State def. SE Louisiana, 61-7.
  19. Baylor def. Northwestern State, 55-7.
  20. Texas A&M def. UCLA, 31-24.
  21. Iowa def. Miami (OH), 45-21.
  22. Oregon def. UC-Davis, 53-28.
  23. Miami def. Florida A&M, 70-3
  24. UCLA lost to Texas A&M, 31-24.
  25. Florida def. UMass, 24-7.

Dropped out: No. 22 North Carolina, No. 20 USC

Note: This top 25 projection will obviously change with games scheduled for Sunday and Monday. The AP poll will be out on Tuesday.