While the top seven in the AP Top 25 will likely stay as-is, we can expect a pretty nice change up in the remainder of the top 25 rankings that will be released on Sunday afternoon.

Most notably, Michigan State, Georgia and LSU lost on Saturday. LSU will likely drop out of the top 25. There’s a possibility that Florida also drops out, but at this time, we anticipate they remain in the top 25.

At this time, we’re projecting seven SEC teams in the AP top 25.

  1. Alabama def. Kent State
  2. Ohio State did not play
  3. Louisville def. Marshall.
  4. Michigan def. Penn State.
  5. Clemson def Georgia Tech.
  6. Houston def. Texas State.
  7. Stanford def. UCLA.
  8. Washington (late game)
  9. Texas A&M leading Arkansas.
  10. Wisconsin def. Michigan State.
  11. Tennessee def. Florida.
  12. Florida State def. USF.
  13. Miami did not play
  14. Baylor def. Oklahoma State.
  15. Michigan State lost to Wisconsin.
  16. Nebraska def. Northwestern.
  17. Ole Miss def. Georgia.
  18. Texas did not play.
  19. Georgia lost to Ole Miss.
  20. SDSU did not play.
  21. Utah def. USC
  22. Oklahoma did not play.
  23. Arkansas losing to Texas A&M.
  24. Florida lost to Tennessee.
  25. TCU def. SMU.

Dropped out: No. 18 LSU