What an awesome weekend of college football. It’s painfully obvious how much better college football is than the NFL.

How high will Georgia rise Sunday? The Bulldogs throttled the Mississippi State Bulldogs 31-3. It’s clear the Bulldogs are the second-best SEC team in 2017.

As of now, we are projecting six SEC teams in the top 25:

1. Alabama defeated Vanderbilt
2. Clemson defeated Boston College
3. Oklahoma defeated Baylor
4. Penn State defeated Iowa
5. USC defeated California
6. Washington (late in game)
7. Michigan defeated Purdue
8. Wisconsin had bye week
9. Georgia defeated Mississippi State
10. Ohio State defeated UNLV
11. Virginia Tech defeated Old Dominion
12. TCU defeated Oklahoma State
13. Oklahoma State lost to TCU
14. Miami defeated Toledo
15. Auburn defeated Mizzou
16. Washington State defeated Nevada
17. Louisville defeated Kent State
18. Florida defeated Kentucky
19. USF defeated Temple
20. San Diego State (late in game)
21. FSU lost to NC State
22. Utah defeated Arizona
23. Oregon (late in game)
24. LSU defeated Syracuse
25. Mississippi State lost to Georgia