Rivalry weekend is in the books, and it was a wild one capped off by Ohio State vs. Michigan and Kentucky’s upset of Louisville.

A number of teams in the 15-25 range went down this week, so expect quite a bit of a shake-up in the back half of the top 25.

As of now, we are projecting four SEC teams to be ranked in the top 25.

  1. Alabama def. Auburn.
  2. Ohio State def. Michigan.
  3. Clemson def. South Carolina.
  4. Wisconsin def. Minnesota.
  5. Washington def. Washington State.
  6. Michigan lost to Ohio State.
  7. Oklahoma did not play.
  8. Penn State def. Michigan State.
  9. Colorado def. Utah.
  10. Oklahoma State did not play.
  11. USC def. Notre Dame.
  12. FSU leading Florida.
  13. Western Michigan def. Toledo.
  14. West Virginia def. Iowa State.
  15. LSU def. Texas A&M.
  16. Louisville lost to Kentucky.
  17. Florida losing to FSU.
  18. Auburn lost to Alabama.
  19. Nebraska lost to Iowa.
  20. Virginia Tech def. Virginia.
  21. Stanford def. Rice.
  22. Navy def. SMU.
  23. Utah lost to Colorado.
  24. Washington State lost to Washington.
  25. Pittsburgh def. Syracuse.

Dropped out: No. 18 Houston, No. 20 Boise State, No. 22 Texas A&M, No. 24 Tennessee