While the teams at the very top of the rankings moved on unscathed, three top ten teams did go down during the week 6 action.

Despite a number of teams in the middle of the top 25 having bye weeks this week, we’ll see a nice shakeup in the AP Top 25 this week. Reminder: The poll will come out on Monday (delayed).

At this time we’re projecting seven SEC teams to be in the top 25.

  1. Alabama def. Arkansas
  2. Ohio State def. Indiana
  3. Clemson def. Boston College
  4. Michigan def. Rutgers
  5. Washington def. Oregon
  6. Texas A&M def. Tennessee
  7. Louisville did not play
  8. Wisconsin did not play
  9. Nebraska did not play
  10. Baylor did not play
  11. Tennessee lost to Texas A&M
  12. Ole Miss did not play
  13. Stanford (late game)
  14. Houston lost to Navy
  15. Florida State def. Miami
  16. Miami lost to Florida State
  17. Florida did not play
  18. Boise State def. New Mexico
  19. Oklahoma def. Texas
  20. Virginia Tech def. UNC
  21. West Virginia did not play
  22. Utah (late game)
  23. Arkansas lost to Alabama
  24. Western Michigan def. N. Illinois
  25. Auburn def. Miss. State

Dropped out: No. 17 UNC, No. 21 Colorado