The hammer has come down on Toledo defensive end Terrance Taylor. The Rockets have suspended Taylor for all of next week’s game because of a targeting penalty he committed Wednesday night against Northern Illinois.

The hit was one of the egregious targeting fouls of recent memory. On the play, Northern Illinois quarterback Ross Bowers was on his knees and with his back to Taylor, who launched his helmet into the back of Bowers’ helmet.

The foul occurred in the third quarter, so by rule, Bowers was going to be suspended for the first half of Toledo’s game next week, but the Rockets imposed more discipline by ruling him out for the entire contest.

Toledo head coach Jason Candle explained why extra punishment was imposed on Taylor in a statement.

“We are disappoint that this play occurred,” Candle said. “It’s not something we coach We’ll use it as a teaching tool for our team on the value of discipline in emotional times.”

Toledo will visit Buffalo next Wednesday at 7:30 pm ET. Here’s Candle’s full statement: