Questionable calls

Seriously, what is targeting?

The delicate balance of football, especially in college, is found when rewarding big hits and shaming malicious hits. Mack Wilson’s hit appeared to be both. Though the crowd at Bryant-Denny Stadium, as well as the legion of Bama fans on Twitter were absolutely thrilled – this one appeared to deserve a flag and an ejection.

Officiating is a little different for the Tide

With the Tide rolling at full force, fans across the country are trying to explain it. Though some allegations are baseless, as fans scramble to say they were robbed, it seems more and more calls are being brought up that favor the nation’s number-one ranked team.

Mizzou fans claim targeting

Sometimes, quarterbacks are pampered to the point of being kickers. In the case of Mizzou’s Drew Lock, he got treated like a rugby player here. Lock will have plenty of moments from Saturday’s Middle Tennessee State loss to reflect on tomorrow, and he may have a nasty headache as well.


Johnathan Allen is playing Madden on rookie difficulty

This is a heck of a play by Allen, and it displays why Alabama strikes fear into the heart of offenses. The big time pro prospect made the often-impressive A&M line look like those high schoolers that Jadeveon Clowney used to blow up on grainy film.

Austin Allen is not a running back

Not much went right for Austin Allen in the Hogs game against Auburn. He was hit mercilessly, intercepted, and his team failed to score more than three points. The pinnacle of his frustration came when he eluded tacklers to scramble for a first down, only to drop the ball with no particular cause.

You’re no Stan White!

During halftime of the Auburn vs Arkansas game, ESPN’s Joey Galloway mistakenly called Auburn quarterback Sean White by the name of another former Auburn signal caller. Though Sean White has had a great year so far, Galloway was about 20 years and 6000 career passing yards off.


Oh, this is targeting!

Pretty close to the same kind of hit here, but against the other team. A&M safety Donovan Wilson tried to fit in a cheap shot on Alabama’s Damien Harris after the interception, and was kicked out by SEC officials. His backup was instantly targeted by Lane Kiffin and the Alabama offense, showing how these penalties can affect more than just yardage.