Choosing a college is one of the most stressful decisions a high-school graduate can make.

The website has released a list of the best and worst college towns to try and make that decision a little bit easier for today’s youth.

The website lists “Wallet Wellness”, “Youth-oriented Environment” and “Opportunities” as the three categories that define the scores and ultimately creates order to the list of cities.

As was to be expected, the SEC is represented well on this list.

Here’s where each SEC city ranks:

2. College Station, Texas
5. Gainesville, Florida
10. Columbia, Missouri
16. Athens, Georgia
28. Fayetteville, Arkansas
33. Nashville, Tennessee
34. Columbia, South Carolina
37. Baton Rouge, Louisiana
40. Tuscaloosa, Alabama
48. Knoxville, Tennessee
162. Lexington, Kentucky

Not listed:

Auburn, Alabama
Oxford, Mississippi
Starkville, Mississippi

While there are plenty of wonderful SEC cities highlighted here, there is one thing to conclude from this list: The authors need to spend a little more time in Auburn and Oxford. Yes, and Starkville, too, State fans.