Here are some quick thoughts on LSU’s 45-21 domination of Auburn this Saturday:

What it means: LSU forced Auburn to show its true colors and they weren’t pretty. After two mediocre performances against non-conference teams, everyone has been wondering whether Auburn should even be considered a contender. LSU has provided us with a clearer answer: nope.

What I liked: Leonard. Fournette.

Just looking at the work he did during this game could single-handedly assure him as a top draft pick next year, if not as a shoo-in for Heisman finalist. He accounted for 21 points, 228 yards, and more tweets than anyone could keep track of.

What I didn’t like: Auburn’s offense, which I forgot was even part of the game for a while due to the short amount of time it spent on the field. The true problem is that Auburn’s offense has looked poor since the start of the season, and no noticeable improvement has been made. In fact, Auburn’s offense looked at its worst today, most likely because they faced a true SEC defense. With 2:21 left in the 3rd quarter, Auburn had only managed two plays in LSU territory. That’s atrocious.

There’s also that matter of Auburn’s defense. It’s interesting that Rudy Ford uttered those bold words about Fournette being not difficult to stop, but he didn’t even bother to defend his words when he got the chance:

Even after Fournette came out after getting hit in the knee with a helmet, Auburn’s defense still struggled to stuff the LSU run game. In particular, Derrius Guice ran for 29 yards all the way down to the Auburn 1 during the fourth quarter to set up a short QB touchdown run.

Who’s the man: Could there be any other than Leonard Fournette?

Key play: During the third quarter, Fournette was handed the ball in the backfield, and he ended up bolting down the field for a 29-yard touchdown run. Defenders threw themselves in his path, including Auburn’s Tray Matthews, but Fournette was much to slippery to be caught.

What’s next: LSU faces its first non-conference opponent of the season next week in Syracuse, which should be a walk in the park. Auburn, however, faces Mississippi State at home. Let’s not forget that Mississippi State held LSU to only 21 points last Saturday. The Bulldogs will give Auburn a challenge.