Paul Finebaum is a national treasure.

The broadcasting legend, though, may have topped himself when revealing that he’d gotten a tattoo of Tim Tebow’s signature on his left forearm.

This apparently stemmed from an incident the previous week, where a fan had Finebaum autograph his leg to get it tattooed later on. Finebaum responded by stating that he’d do the same, only with the autograph of Tebow.

And it looks like Finebaum has indeed paid up on that bet. Here’s a look at the video below:

In all fairness, one or two people on Twitter, along with “SEC Nation” host Laura Rutledge, doubt that the tattoo is actually real. Let’s hope for everyone’s sake that it’s indeed fake.

“She doesn’t know yet,” Finebaum responded when asked by Rutledge what his wife though.