Considering there’s so much negativity going around these days, it’s nice to see someone maintain a positive outlook on things.

When it comes to the upcoming college football season, you can add College GameDay host Rece Davis among those willing to share an optimistic outlook on the fall season.

During a recent appearance on ESPN’s SportsCenter, Davis was asked to share his confidence level when it comes to playing the upcoming college football season.

“In some form, it’s still really high. I think they’re going to play,” Davis answered. “There certainly might be some alterations to the schedule as you and I were talking earlier, particularly among teams outside the Power 5, potentially their schedules could be impacted. But I think that there’s still a great deal of optimism and reason to think the game will be played.”

While Davis is confident the coming season can be played, he does admit there are many unknown questions that must be answered before the season arrives. Thankfully, we still have over two months to resolve many of these questions.

“I think there’s still so much to learn over the next couple of months,” Davis continued. “What all of these positive tests at a variety of schools across the country mean? What does it mean by virtue of the fact that, at least based on what’s been reported up to this point, it seems that not many players thankfully have not gotten seriously ill? So all of those things I think will unfold over the next several weeks, and then once to practices start, does that impact testing and sickness and that type of thing? So many things could change but I still have a great deal of optimism that there will be a season.”

The College GameDay host is clearly keeping an open mind and remains hopeful but he was asked during the segment what issue is the biggest concern to derailing the college football season.

“Serious illness, within a team or on a campus,” Davis answered. “That type of thing I think would make everybody take another step back and look at it and say this is not a tenable situation. I hope and pray that doesn’t happen, because you don’t want anyone, not because the football just because you don’t want anyone to get seriously ill. I think that’s the number one concern.”