The College Football Playoff selection committee’s second rankings of the 2019 season have everybody talking. Longtime college football analyst Tim Brando, for instance, believes the committee is setting up an LSU-Alabama rematch. ESPN’s Rece Davis has a different view of the hypothetical second meeting between the SEC West rivals.

Dan Patrick asked Davis if he thinks the committee would prefer to have LSU play Ohio State (QB Joe Burrow against his former team) or Alabama in the semifinal.

“I think the committee does its best to try to avoid thinking about such things, but there is going to be an absolute (pause) ‘crap’ storm if it’s LSU-Alabama rematch, unless everybody else has lost, too, and it’s like ‘What else are you going to do?’ and everybody understands it,” Davis said on The Dan Patrick Show. “I’ve got to believe that they’re human and they don’t want that. It would be great theater. Don’t misunderstand that. I don’t think that will influence their decision. I think they really try hard to avoid that type of thing.

“I have respect for their honor and integrity of trying to do the right thing. They can’t penalize a team because they don’t want to see a rematch, but at the same time, if you injected them with truth serum, they’d probably rather not have that.”

In the rest of the brief clip, below, Davis brings up that Burrow vs. Ohio State is just one of the many potential intriguing quarterback matchups for the semifinals.