Rece Davis has gotten to travel all across the country, from Times Square to the Rose Bowl and everywhere in between, as the host of ESPN’s College GameDay.

But, not all GameDay sites and not all universities are created equal, so which stand out above the rest?

During an appearance on the “Gramlich and Mac Lain” podcast this week, Davis named his top 3 schools he’s visited. Leaving his alma mater, Alabama, out of the rankings, he said he enjoys visits to Clemson, LSU and Auburn the most (via On3 Sports):

“You could choose Clemson or anywhere in the SEC and not be wrong in the top three,” Davis said. “I’d probably say that just for sake of your listeners and your affinity, I would say Clemson’s as good as we do. … Pollack found ‘sloppy body guy’ and we had the mud splash there. There’s always something fun that happens when we go to Clemson.

“I think Clemson or really just about any place in the SEC. I love going to LSU. Even for an Alabama guy, Auburn’s been great. I take my alma mater out of it … because everybody’s going to feel great when they go to their alma mater. I think those are the ones.”

We’ll see if Davis gets to make the trip to any of those campuses this year, or if the show has other plans in mind during the 2022 campaign.