Rece Davis admitted that he has Ohio State No. 1 on his Associated Press ballot, and explained that it’s pure football judgement because he believes the Buckeyes would beat Tennessee.

Davis, in an interview with “McElroy and Cubelic In the morning” on WJOX, said he believes the rankings process is something like a mosaic of art to bring in different pieces.

“I can’t rank in good conscience Georgia over Tennessee because of the resume although I think all 3 of these teams are really, really similar,” Davis said. “You could make a case for all 3.”

Davis added that he would pick Georgia to beat Ohio State.

Davis explained that he wasn’t surprised overall with the rankings, but added that he was a little bit about Clemson being ahead of Michigan, and TCU was behind Alabama, and added that those are “reasonable takes.”

“There wasn’t anything that angered me, or made me jump up and down and this is a complete outrage,” Davis said. “I thought it was completely justified and probably the right thing to do to have Tennessee on top given the criteria that they would evaluate.”