It’s been a rough couple of years for college basketball, as a number of programs have faced scrutiny from both the FBI and the NCAA.

After a recent spate of federal trials, it seemed as if the NCAA was sitting on its hands and not doing anything, which seemed strange.

However, that may not be the case, as CBS Sports reporter Dennis Dodd wrote on Wednesday that at least six college basketball programs would be notified of major violations this summer:

Stan Wilcox, NCAA vice president for regulatory affairs, said two high-profile programs would receive notices of allegations by early July.

The remaining four would be rolled out later in the summer in what was described as a wave of NCAA investigations meant to clean up major-college basketball.

“There’s even another group of cases that we’re still working on,” Wilcox said. “The main thing is that we’re up and ready. We’re moving forward and you’ll see consequences.”

Wilcox didn’t mention which programs were going to be accused of wrongdoing, so now we’re left to speculate whether any SEC programs will be caught up in the accusations.

LSU and Auburn have both had some issues the past couple of years, so we’ll see if either of them are named or if the SEC steers clear of this wave of violations.