Around these parts (particularly in Fayetteville), Bobby Petrino is known as a bit of a loose cannon.

The former Arkansas coach spent the past several years at Louisville before getting fired last fall, and it appears his wildcard ways continued with the Cardinals.

Per a report from the Louisville Courier Journal, Petrino went comically over its recruiting budget in each of his final four seasons with the program:

Louisville football spent $709,180 during the 2017-18 school year, after having been budgeted $320,000 for expenses, according to figures provided by the university to the Courier Journal. The previous year, it spent $563,722, with a budget of $275,000.

The program was over budget in the past four full years under Petrino by more than $1.1 million — averaging $277,042 over budget each year.

The big question is — did it help? The answer is a resounding no, as the Cardinals finished between No. 30 and No. 38 in the recruiting rankings each of Petrino’s final four years in Louisville.

To be fair, most major programs have bigger recruiting budgets than the Cardinals, but it’s also funny that no one decided to step in and stop Petrino from making a mockery of his allotted spending.