Many scenarios are on the table for the 2020 college football season, and one of them is to delay the season until the spring. Of course, everyone would rather play in the fall on a normal or even delayed schedule; however, COVID-19 may not allow for that.

So, college football may have to pivot to a spring season. Several college football programs have had multiple players test positive for the coronavirus, and some have even had to shut down their voluntary strength and conditioning programs due to outbreaks.

So, while moving the college season to the spring may be last resort, it’s certainly on the table due to the current climate of the virus.

Dan Wolken of USA Today reported Thursday that college officials quietly inquired with the NFL about potentially pushing back the 2021 draft; however, the NFL, according to Wolken, isn’t interested in entertaining the idea.

The 2021 NFL Draft is currently scheduled for April 29 through May 1 in downtown Cleveland. The 2020 NFL Draft was held virtually with Roger Goodell announcing picks from his home.

The NCAA announced that college football teams can start organized practice on July 13, and that’s the next key date to keep an eye on. The next few weeks will be the telltale of whether this season starts on time, is delayed or pushed back until spring.