For years now, rumors have swirled about Jimbo Fisher leaving Florida State for a new job. Last year, it was LSU and this year, it’s Texas A&M.

Whether he’ll actually leave or not remains to be seen, but players are getting sick of the constant rumors surrounding the coach.

In fact, according to SB Nation’s Bud Elliott, several players have indicated that they would transfer if Fisher is retained as the Seminoles’ coach:

What I did find, however, was multiple players who stated firmly that they can no longer trust Jimbo Fisher, and that if he comes back, they intend to transfer. They spoke on the condition of anonymity.

“If he’s back, I’m out.”

Will the university side with the players over the coach? Whatever happens, things are quickly falling apart in Tallahassee.

The Seminoles have a decision to make, although if Fisher leaves for Texas A&M in the coming days, that situation may take care of itself.