Over the past couple of years, Adnan Virk has become a big name around ESPN, hosting studio shows during college football and MLB coverage.

However, it now appears his tenure with The Worldwide Leader has come to an unceremonious end, as New York Post writer Andrew Marchand reported on Sunday that Virk had been fired.

The reason for Virk’s dismissal? According to Marchand, Virk had shared confidential information about ESPN with the media on a number of occasions:

“Adnan Virk no longer works at ESPN,” ESPN vice president Josh Krulewitz told The Post.

On Friday, Virk was escorted off the Bristol campus. The specific nature of the information Virk chose to share is unknown at this time.

Virk had recently signed a new contract to remain at ESPN, but that contract may not be paid out of the allegations can be proven.

Now, ESPN has a hole on its Saturday studio lineup, so we’ll have to see who gets the nod this coming season.