“Last Chance U” famed coach Jason Brown has been charged with eight felonies, according to a report by the Parsons Sun.

The former Independence Community College football coach allegedly stole the identity of a lawyer in an attempt to silence local newspapers, per the report. He’s charged with four counts of blackmail and four counts of identity theft. He’s also been charged with two counts of criminal false communication, which are misdemeanors.

Brown apparently tried to impersonate a lawyer from the Cochran Law Firm founded by Johnnie Cochran.

The Montgomery County Chronicle had the details of the case:

The fourth season of “Last Chance U” is set to be released on July 19, and it will once again feature Brown and Independence.

Coaching website Football Scoop was able to get into touch with Brown. The coach said, “I’m surprised as you are, this is crazy. I’m trying to find out what’s going on myself. I’ve not been contacted by anyone.”