While most college football programs are currently focused on their 2018 recruiting classes, Nevada is getting a very early start on its 2028 class.

Nevada reportedly offered a scholarship to 9-year-old Havon Finney Jr. even though he won’t be 18 for nine more years:

Mike Evans, who tweeted about the scholarship offer, owns and operates LacedFacts Training, where Finney Jr. trains. He told ESPN.com that social media has led to this new wave of players being offered scholarships at a young age:

“It’s a new day and age,” said Evans, who grew up in Los Angeles and played safety at Louisville and Nevada. “When I played, there weren’t any direct connections to the universities like it is with social media now. When you see the De’Anthony Thomases and the Desean Jacksons, these kids were Bunchie and Hadon at this age. Now you get to see them at a national level. If you saw DeAnthony at this age, you would have given him a look early. When you see Bunchie, you’ve never seen a kid that age move like that.”

Of course, scholarship offers at this age are simply a ploy to get media attention for a school, as Finney can and likely will change his mind at some time over the next nine years. That’s assuming he even sticks with football at all.

However, for now, Nevada has a ridiculous story to share and is getting its fair share of media attention.