The latest news in the armed robbery case involving former Georgia defensive back Deandre Baker and former Florida receiver-turned-DB Quinton Dunbar doesn’t look good for the two SEC alumni. The New York Daily News has obtained the latest search warrant which further implicates the two of armed robbery and a coverup in a May incident in Miramar, Florida.

According to Pat Leonard of the Daily News, the latest warrant is seeking iCloud account access for both NFL defensive backs. Per Leonard, the latest warrant cites video footage and social media direct messages that allegedly establish that witness Dominic Johnson oversaw a payoff of Baker’s and Dunbar’s four alleged victims on May 15 at the office of Michael Grieco, Dunbar’s attorney. May 15 is also the day Greico publicly criticized the Miramar Police Department’s investigation.

“I made them same n—-s that said they got robbed come in and say them Boys ain’t have nothing to Do with it,” Johnson allegedly wrote on May 16 in a series of incriminating direct messages on his Instagram account, @powerballnick_305.

Other messages from Johnson will be especially problematic for the two:

“We all heading to the lawyer now to get the charges dropped I got them n—-s to sign the papers,” Johnson allegedly wrote in one message on May 15. “Got them same n—-s that said they got robbed to say they didn’t … Same n—-s that got robbed I made them fix that sh-t.”

“What happened?” a person whose name is not disclosed asked Johnson.

“They got mad cause the other dudes won the money,” Johnson wrote.

The report notes that Bradford Cohen, Baker’s attorney, has recently claimed to have testimony from two witnesses saying they did not see Baker rob anyone. The warrant, however, says Instagram messages “corroborate a robbery had occurred and those who were charged were the participants.”

The authorities now reportedly have statements from witnesses saying they were paid off:

All four victims have given sworn statements that they were paid at the office that day to recant their sworn initial statements against Dunbar by signing affidavits. Combined, the four men say they were paid a total of $55,000.

The warrant further details communications between Baker and Dunbar:

“Johnson is telling Baker to come to Dunbar Lawyer’s office,” [Detective Mark Moretti of the Miramar Police Department] writes. “Baker replied, ‘Yo I’m in the city now getting cash how much to bring ?? I’m tryna get there too u ASAP.’”

“There appears to be several phone calls between Baker and Johnson,” the warrant continues. “Johnson appears to be nervous by telling Baker, ” Yooooo these people finna leave.”

Per the Daily News report on the warrant, CCTV footage establishes a timeline of events. One of the robbery victims has said received $30,000 in Greico’s office with others saying they received $20,000 and $5,000.

Baker played at Georgia from 2016-18 and completed his rookie season with the New York Giants in 2019. Dunbar played wide receiver at Florida from 2010-14. He played for the Washington Redskins from 2015-19 before signing with the Seattle Seahawks in March.

The full report on the warrant can be viewed here.