It seems like an annual conversation question: when will Notre Dame football join a conference?

According to FOX Sports commentator Tim Brando, who has connections inside the ACC, Notre Dame is having conversations about potentially joining the ACC for football as a full-time member.

The Irish are already a full-time member in other sports except football, and if the UND decided to join, it would become the conference’s 15th member.

The conference plans to launch the ACC Network in 2019, and the SEC, Big Ten and Pac-12 all have their own networks. Several are speculating that that’s the main reason the Big 12 won’t survive because it doesn’t have a network.

It wouldn’t be that big of a change for Notre Dame, because the Irish already play four ACC games per season. However, it would break tradition by leaving its independent status.

Interestingly, Notre Dame makes $15 million annually from its exclusive deal with NBC Sports, and that’s less than the Irish would make in a conference. That would be a positive with joining the ACC full time.

Another interesting thing to think about is the rise of the ACC among other Power 5 conferences. Clemson just won the national championship. FSU has been really good for years, and the Noles are projected to be a top five preseason team. The ACC’s increased outlook is another positive.