This weekend has been a busy one in the world of college athletics. First, the MAC announced it was canceling fall sports, becoming the first FBS conference to do so.

Now, it is being rumored that the Big Ten could follow suit this week, and with the Pac-12 player protests in full swing, that conference’s season is in jeopardy, too.

However, according to 247Sports reporter Phillip Marshall, there is zero indication that the SEC is considering a cancellation at this point:

“That’s the reason we moved the start of the season back (to Sept. 26), to see what happened when the students come back to school and those kinds of things,” the source said. “Why would we do it now? There’s no reason. Some people are concerned about whether we’ll be able to do it, but we don’t have to make that decision yet.”

Per 247Sports’ source, the MAC canceling its football season won’t have an impact on the SEC at all, although if a Power 5 conference cancels, it could make the SEC reconsider:

“I’ve read all those stories, but why would we care what the MAC does?” he said.

What if the Big Ten or Pac-12 or both decided to bail out on the season?

“I’m sure that would have an impact,” the source said, “but I believe ESPN would pay a lot of money to televise our games.”

It’s worth noting that the source didn’t say the SEC would definitely play this fall. He simply said there’s no sense making that decision yet. But, during a weekend in which there has seemingly been nothing but pessimism, this is a welcome glimmer of hope.