LSU’s plans to open a beer garden inside Tiger Stadium may have to be put on hold, as it doesn’t appear the SEC will reverse its ban on alcohol inside stadiums anytime soon.

According to a report, commissioner Greg Sankey stated on Monday that the conference will stick with its current no-alcohol policy:

“The conference has a policy that says that we’re not selling alcohol in the general seating area,” Sankey said. “Now, you can agree or disagree with that policy, but that’s the policy. The basis for changing that or maintaining it is one that’s developed in the conversation.”

Some have made the argument that allowing alcohol sales would increase attendance, as it has for several other schools in other conferences, but Sankey said that logic doesn’t work in the SEC:

“I think we were at like 98 percent ticket sales in football,” he said. “So is that one-percent margin a trade that we’re going to make?”

Sankey did say that he’s open to conversation on the topic in the future, but was quick to caution that a discussion wouldn’t necessarily guarantee change.

So, for now at least, it sounds like SEC fans will have to continue to drink their alcohol in the parking lots prior to kickoff.