By now, nearly everyone knows that Baylor was involved in one of the ugliest scandals in college sports, with allegations of sexual assault and a few convictions plaguing the campus and the football program.

When the allegations broke, people close to the program were worried about whether or not the Bears would have to find a new conference to play in.

Obviously, that pales in comparison to the worries of the survivors of the assaults, but Dennis Dodd of CBS Sports talked to one anonymous source who said that people were worried that the Big 12 would rescind Baylor’s membership:

The source, who did not wish to be identified due to the sensitive nature of the proceedings, told CBS Sports that the still-ongoing legal issues threaten to make the Baylor scandal the “biggest in higher education.”

“I was worried about [Big 12] membership,” the source said.

The Big 12 hasn’t reached a final decision on the Baylor scandal just yet, but the report states that no further sanctions are expected.

Baylor will continue in the Big 12 for now, it seems, but the ugly case continues to make headlines.