Back in 2017, during Willie Taggart’s one year at the helm of the Oregon program, player Doug Brenner was hospitalized following a difficult workout and was diagnosed with rhabdomyolysis and other injuries.

Now, Brenner wants financial restitution, and according to a report from, he’s suing his old coach, team and strength coach Irele Oderinde for $11.5 million.

Per the report, Brenner’s attorneys are claiming negligence from the university and the coaches and want financial benefits following Brenner’s hospitalization:

In an 18-page suit filed in Multnomah County circuit court on Wednesday, Brenner’s attorneys allege the University of Oregon was negligent for failing to prohibit, regulate or supervise the workouts, which they describe as “physical punishment regimens.” The lawsuit also alleges that Taggart and Oderinde, both now at Florida State, were negligent in imposing and carrying out the workouts, and that the NCAA has failed to regulate such practices by coaches of its member institutions.

According to the lawsuit, shortly after Taggart was hired in December 2016, he told the team that he and his coaching staff “were going to focus on discipline in strength and conditioning and that they were ‘going to find the snakes in the grass and cut their heads off.’”

The outcome of this lawsuit will have wide-ranging impacts across the college football landscape, so it’ll be important to keep an eye on.

A message has been sent by Brenner, though, and we’ll see what the court system thinks of the claims.