The College Football Playoff rankings will be interesting this week as the selection committee decides what to do with Alabama.

The No. 3 Crimson Tide lost to No. 2 LSU on Saturday, but many think the Tide are still in the top 4.

On Monday’s episode of “Get Up” on ESPN, former NFL coach Rex Ryan ripped the Big Ten while making a case for Alabama, saying teams like Ohio State, Penn State and Minnesota have no chance against Alabama, LSU and Clemson (via 247Sports):

“One-hundred percent Alabama should be in it,” Ryan said during Monday’s appearance on Get Up!. “LSU, Clemson and Alabama are the three best teams. Don’t ever put Penn State ahead of Clemson, for the love of God. And the guys from Minnesota, row your boat down there to Clemson and get beat by 40. Stop it already.

“Put Ohio State in there and they’ll get beat by 37 like they did last time they played Clemson. The three best teams, let’s not ruin it.”

Let’s be real, Rex. Ohio State absolutely deserves to be in the top 4. Will the committee keep Alabama in the top 4 though? We’ll find out on Tuesday night.