It’s been an interesting season of college football nearing the midway point as we head into Week 5. Alabama, Georgia and Ohio State remain the top dogs after they were expected to be so before the start of the fall, but the teams don’t rank quite in the order that many may have expected them to.’

There’s much debate about that, with multiple analysts differing in opinion as to where each of those three teams should stand in the top 3 spots in the rankings. Former NFL quarterback Robert Griffin III recently released his top-5 teams heading into Week 5 with Georgia taking the top spot.

Behind the Bulldogs were Ohio State, Alabama, Michigan and Clemson in that order.

Georgia and Alabama went back and forth for a few weeks for the No. 1 spot in most rankings, but it seems most analysts are erring on the side of UGA at this point as Alabama has looked shaky at times already, narrowly avoiding an upset loss to Houston earlier in the month.

At this rate, it wouldn’t be surprising for these two teams to meet again in the national championship after Georgia came out on top in the last title game.