The inevitable media take surrounding the LSU vacancy has arrived. Someone was going to say it, and that someone is former UCLA coach Rick Neuheisel.

When discussing who will succeed Les Miles at LSU, the CBS college football analyst floated what is seemingly the least likely possibility imaginable: Nick Saban.

Here’s what Neuheisel says about Saban in the interview, and you can listen to it below.

“Years ago, there was a guy coaching at Michigan State that took a look at this job,” Neuheisel said. “He did it through his wife. His wife went down there and looked and took a look around to see how this thing plays itself out before he decided to jump in with both feet. He ended up jumping in and winning a national championship. His name was Nick Saban.

“And just as I suggested that there’s a time your run might end and might be good to look somewhere else … just saying.”

Neuheisel recently made headlines for predicting that Art Briles will be the coach at Auburn next season.