The Iron Bowl is truly a 24/7/365 rivalry as even non-college football fans learned while watching “The Match” on Sunday.

Charles Barkley is one of the primary commentators for Turner Sports’ broadcast of the charity match between Tiger Woods & Peyton Manning and Tom Brady & Phil Mickelson. Alabama golf alum Justin Thomas provided some guest commentary, including some digs at the Auburn basketball great.

At one point, Barkley mused, “In fairness, he is a golf pro. If I saw a guy dunk a basketball I wouldn’t get all excited about it.”

Barkley didn’t realize he was setting himself up to get “dunked on” on live television by a golfer.

“Chuck, I’d love to see your fatass dunk a basketball right now,” Thomas shot back.

To his credit, Barkley took it well and was sarcastic in playing the bullying card.

“JT you can’t call me fat on TV that’s bullying, it’s a new day in television,” Barkley said.

Much later, however, Barkley decided to take a shot at UA’s academics.

“Hey, you’re smart,” Barkley said to Thomas. “All you Alabama people got your GEDs. I’m proud of you.”

Hopefully Barkley and Thomas share some of their texts ahead of this fall’s showdown in Tuscaloosa.