RJ Young is out with his Preseason Top 25, and the FOX Sports analyst has 7 teams from the SEC in the group. He also explained each selection.

Young pegged 3 SEC teams in the top 5 led by Alabama, but also included Utah at No. 5 as the Utes are getting set to open the season at Florida. About Alabama, Young wrote, “Alabama finished as the College Football Playoff national title runner-up and the unanimous No. 2-ranked team in the country. If that’s a rebuilding year in Tuscaloosa, what blessed terror Saban has on tap in 2022 might just mean he’s the man writing and not John the Revelator.

Show us a seven-seal wonder, Nick.”

For the Aggies, the recruiting classes are beginning to stack, he wrote.

“Like I’ve been asking the Longhorns to do, the Aggies have made the decision to act their shoe size. They put together the best recruiting class in history one year after Alabama had done the same — and that’s A&M’s fourth straight top-10 recruiting class.”

Georgia meanwhile has the talent stacked to replaced the historic defense.

“With 15 five-stars among 85 scholarship players, UGA has the talent to repeat. Now let’s see if the Dawgs have the resolve,” Young wrote.