ESPN NFL and College football analyst Ryan Clark was a guest on ESPN’s “Get Up” to talk about the LSU-Alabama game. Not surprisingly the former LSU defensive back made it clear which side he was on and explained what he thought the Tigers needed to do to win.

“It’s about Jayden Daniels and his legs,” Clark said. “We’ve seen throughout…recent years that quarterbacks that can use their legs and get outside of the pocket and create plays are the ones that can give the Alabama Crimson Tide trouble defensively.”

“Jayden Daniels has to have his third consecutive monster game in order for them to win.”

David Pollack, who was also on the show, teased Clark for his loyalties and added his thoughts that LSU isn’t mature enough to take down the Crimson Tide.

“He’s pulling on those emotional reserves…bringintg ’em back,” Pollack joked. “I hear you I would love to agree, but I don’t think Brian Kelly and them are ready for this yet.”

No. 6 Alabama will travel to Tiger Stadium to take on No. 10 LSU for a 7 p.m. kickoff Saturday night. ESPN will handle the broadcast.