The game of the day on Saturday was the Deep South’s Oldest Rivalry between Georgia and Auburn. The Bulldogs clinched a berth in the SEC Championship Game with their 21-14 victory. Tigers fans were left to ponder what’s next (Surrender Cobra pose optional):

Everyone at Auburn is probably hungry for Cupcake Week, and next up is Samford, right on cue:

Auburn had opportunities but could not capitalize:

Yep, it was a day of agony on The Plains:

It was tense enough to make you eat a pom-pom (guys, honestly, it’s almost Cupcake Week, we promise):

Sometimes there were no words:

There were tense moments for Georgia fans, too:

Meanwhile, South Carolina — the team that beat Georgia, which seems more unreal every week — was pasted at Texas A&M as Gamecocks fans saw their bowl hopes end:

Outside of the SEC, Baylor took a huge lead on Oklahoma in a Big 12 battle, leading to both a Surrender Cobra and a recitation of a two-word millennial complaint:

But Baylor wound up squandering a 28-3 lead as #SurrenderCobra struck again:

Leading some to remember a certain other team which blew a 28-3 lead in a big game:

So now that Dabo Swinney killed the word “Clemsoning” out of the English language once and for all, is this specific blown 28-3 lead now called Falconing? Wait, we are not alone in this?

Florida State fired coach Willie Taggart a few weeks ago but is still going bowling after improving to 6-5 with a win over Alabama State (Cupcake Week came a week early in Tallahassee). We are guessing that HeckinCrazy is being sarcastic here — but if you’re excited for real, Heckin, please know that it is spelled “Shreveport” before you book your airplane ticket:

Finally, we need to put aside our usual snark and wish Alabama quarterback Tua Tagovailoa a full and speedy recovery after his hip injury against Mississippi State:

We could not have said it better ourselves, John.