One thing worse than watching your team lose, is doing it in a driving rainstorm that knocks out sections of the stadium lights.

That was the case for Tennessee fans in Knoxville in Week 12. Ponchos were everywhere, but happiness was not for the Tennessee faithful.

The sadness level of fans at Neyland Stadium Saturday seemed to correlate with whether they had a poncho or not. Or just gave up clothes in general.

Earlier in the day in Arkansas, fans not only made questionable fashion choices, they had to endure the Razorbacks falling down the stretch to visiting Mississippi State. The late developments left some fans staring off into the distance as they struggled to process a lead change. Like other fans in Knoxville, sometimes it helps to dance through your sorrows.

In Athens, Kentucky fans didn’t know where to look, or even to look at all as the Wildcats lost a lopsided affair to Georgia. And that margin was built with much of the fourth quarter to endure.

Fashion was also a key factor in fans attending the game at Georgia, but at least one “Christmas tree” couldn’t bear to have its face exposed.

Still, few SEC fans were as sad as those fans of Michigan and Kansas. Some couldn’t show their faces, while others couldn’t get through the game without tears.

(Photos by USA Today Sports.)