The SEC’s 10-game all-conference season of 2020 has already taken quite a toll. There are only two unbeaten teams left in the conference, and after next week, when Georgia visits Alabama, there will only be one.

You know what that means: Fans accustomed to their teams beating up on unfortunate nonconference foes, especially early in the season, are having to get used to being disappointed early and often. The weekly grind of facing one SEC foe after another, without pause, is tough on the emotions of these fans on SEC Saturdays.

Florida’s last-second defeat against Texas A&M was a shock for Gators fans:

The points piled up in College Station and other spots in the SEC. Fine, fine, this is an appropriate spot for the “Two Spider-Men pointing at each other” meme, but we promise it won’t happen again this season:

LSU lost for the second time in three weeks, continuing the fast fall from the heights of 2019’s national championship and 15-0 record. That’s good for a double Surrender Cobra:

It might be a longer season than anyone in Baton Rouge anticipated:

Tennessee led Georgia at halftime and looked good at times, but Vols fans were again left with an empty feeling against a main East Division rival:

Mississippi State failed to score a touchdown — a first in Mike Leach’s entire head coaching career — as the warm memories of the opening-week upset of LSU faded very fast in the wake of a blowout loss to Kentucky:

And even though Auburn won, the damp weather and the fact that the host Tigers barely escaped against an Arkansas team that snapped a 20-game SEC skid only last week led to, arguably, as much angst for Auburn fans as their Razorbacks counterparts:

A controversial call at the end of the game made Hogs fans more angry than sad:

A missed field goal gave Auburn fans a lot of reason to worry …

… but then a field goal with just a few seconds remaining — aided by a non-call a few plays before that ensured Auburn would keep the ball — sent the Tigers fans home, er, somewhat happy?

This is only sad for fans of defense, we suppose: The game in which Alabama beat Mississippi 63-48 set a record for the most combined points in a game in Crimson Tide history. The 111 points broke the long-standing mark, set in 1922, by a single point. Marion Military, move over!

And what is it with Ole Miss popping up so often on this list? Saturday’s record makes four spots in the top 11 reserved for Tide-Rebels matchups.

Elsewhere, the classic Oklahoma-Texas rivalry gave us a classic game with a four-overtime conclusion. Texas fans went home unhappy:

In fact, some found it exhausting:

There is another photo absolutely everywhere with a female Texas fan striking a perfect Surrender Cobra … aside another fan, whose simultaneous obscene gesture hit the airwaves. Look for it yourself if you’re interested — we try to keep our sadness rated PG around here.