This week’s Sad Fans Are Sad kicks off with Tennessee in the wake of the Vols getting drubbed at home against Florida on Saturday.

That will tend to happen when a once-proud program loses its 10th consecutive SEC game:

And some felt the Vols were snoozing on the job:

This one was a gift to us here at Sad Fans Are Sad:

Neyland Stadium emptied out in the second half:

All in all it was a rough night for the folks wearing the lighter shade of orange on Rocky Top:

Vols fans even heard it from other quarters in SEC Country. One would not think Arkansas fans could say much after Auburn blew out the Hogs, but …

Next up is Missouri. The Tigers brandished their first-ever yellow helmets (I might be in the minority but I thought they were awesome, they just need to be paired with the black uni tops). But that didn’t brighten the blues which their fans felt in a loss to Georgia:

The Tigers fans saw their team keep fighting but never quite getting back in the game:

In  the ACC, Georgia Tech had a dude with a ‘tude in the stands. The announcers are guessing calc exam prep — I think the guy is auditioning to be in an Axe commercial:

Out West, Oregon fans turning up early for College GameDay woke up with a side order of schadenfreude toward Willie Taggart. The coach bolted Eugene after one year to take the job at Florida State, where he is struggling:

And one fan took it to the extreme:

But after the Ducks quacked away … sorry, gacked away a 24-7 halftime lead, some Autzen Stadium fans probably felt like these two:

Eugene plunged into sadness:

Imagine, the season is only a month old. What sadness awaits in the next several weeks?