Mississippi State fans were certainly looking forward to defeating their old coach when Florida came to Starkville on Saturday. But Dan Mullen’s Gators sent the Bulldogs faithful home unhappy and inspired one tweet — y’all might have heard the Good Ol’ J.R. clip before but by God it never gets old:

The game was pretty uninspiring early:

Then the GIF game was on:

Sad is in the eye of the beholder:

Meanwhile, Tennessee fans have gotten so masterful at sadness in recent times that they have inspired a chart full of emotions. None of them good.

Vols fans offered up a few more entries in this painful book with Saturday’s crusher against Georgia. Here is a good start:

Getting warmer:


Penn State fans were delirious when their team led Ohio State by 12 points with 8:00 left, but they soon experienced sadness, too:

And here’s the Stefon with head covering:

Penn State fans were simply in disbelief after Ohio State scored the winning TD:

Ohio State coach Urban Meyer even joined in from the sidelines — I still maintain that the hands need to be behind the head, not on top, for a full Surrender Cobra. I’m going with “Modified Surrender Cobra” for this:

Nebraska fell to 0-4, inspiring this:

Now this is a Surrender Cobra done right, from the Clemson-Syracuse game:

Finally, we leave you with a clip that might just trigger tears of happiness rather than the other kind:

Oh, and Texas Tech lost to West Virginia, so these two might have been the only happy Red Raiders fans on Saturday.