The Tiger Bowl, with Auburn visiting LSU, was the SEC’s most attention-grabbing game this week. It did not disappoint.

Unless you are an Auburn fan, of course:

The Tigers from The Plains kept the game close despite their offensive struggles:

Yet even LSU quarterback Joe Burrow, whose team won, was not immune from the tension in the game:

The #SurrenderCobra found its way into the stands as well:

As for the SEC’s other Tigers, residing in Columbia, Missouri? Ugh. With a 22-point loss to a pretty average Kentucky team, the result was as ugly as the weather.

And at the Tennessee-South Carolina game, even the folks with the cameras were not safe:

But hey, we have been beating up on Tennessee fans quite a bit this year, so they deserved to have fun …

… and sing their team’s praises:

As for the Gamecocks, coach Will Muschamp got plenty angry …

… then eventually just looked flustered:

Around the country, Oklahoma took its first loss at Kansas State. Lots of folks on social media noted the similarity between this week’s result and last week’s Sooner Schooner crash:

Fans of No. 23 Iowa State went home disappointed after their team lost to unranked Oklahoma State. Only thing worse than that would be to watch that defeat and have to wash pumpkin gunk out of your hair when you got home:

And these tweets rather nicely sum up Notre Dame’s night as the Fighting Irish were blasted at Michigan:

Or a wet, cold and sad Notre Dame coach:

Stay warm and dry, y’all.