Each week I’ll be trying to find the best of the sad fan pictures, videos, what have you. If you see one that should definitely be included feel free to tweet it to @MackDalton

Before we get into the SEC fans, we’ll take a minute to review probably the saddest fan bases of them all right now. Michigan. No one is really sure how Brady Hoke still has a job, but one thing is for certain: these fans are really sad.




The Tennessee vs. Georgia game was back and forth for a good portion of the game which led to some sad fans on both sides. We’ll start with this UGA painted dude since they did eventually win:



Now, on to Tennessee. First up, Peyton:

*yes, I know this was before the game, but he still looks sad


Then you have this trifecta, including the guy taking his sadness out on the Georgia hedges:

2014-09-27 at 2.46 PM

These fans aren’t so much sad as they are “so confused” and they “have no idea” following the Arkansas fake punt.

Sticking with the A&M vs Arkansas game, this fan is so sad and HE CAN’T HEAR YOU:

Screen Shot 2014-09-27 at 6.43.48 PM


After a valiant effort from a much improved Arkansas team, this fan is super sad in OT:

Screen Shot 2014-09-27 at 7.42.39 PM


The Missouri vs South Carolina was sad pretty much all around, but it did include my favorite dueling fans of all time.

Missouri fan giving the bird:


Then, South Carolina fan giving the bird:


The South Carolina fan definitely wins this battle because she is a mom and looks like she’s sitting right next to her kid which makes it even better.

Spurrier had quite a face himself, though it was more rage than sadness after being drilled by Maty Mauk. For that video go here: Maty Mauk trucks Steve Spurrier.